Advanced Technology

The use of advanced technologies helps Dr. Apaydin provide the best possible care.  

These include:

Cone beam computer tomography (CBCT)

Similar to medical “CT” scans, these images allow Dr. Apaydin to visualize your tooth and jaw in 3-D.  However, instead of hundreds of radiation impulses to capture the 3-D image as in the CT scans, our machine makes one impulse that is reconfigured to produce a 3-D image, which decreases radiation by approximately 90%.

The advantages of this technology, the most important of which is a greatly improved success rate for your endodontic treatment, have led to our use of CBCTs as part of our standard of care for all  patients.

Operating microscopes

Dr. Apaydin uses a microscope with magnification and illumination to see the tiny details inside your tooth.   This allows him to better diagnose cracks and small calcified canals.